The Internet of Things, or IoT refers to the connection of objects to each other and to humans through the Internet. The objects can be sensors , an aquarium , a light bulb or even a simple lamp. As we have seen with devices such as smart bulb, smart lamp or voice enabled speakers.

The applications of IoT technologies are multiple, because it is adjustable to almost any technology that is capable of providing relevant information about its own operation, about the performance of an activity and even about the environmental conditions that we need to monitor and control at a distance.

Nowadays, many companies from different sectors or sectors are adopting this technology to simplify, improve, automate and control different processes. Next, we show some of the surprising practical applications of the IoT.

  • Wearables
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Smart Grid And Energy Saving

With native and friendly mobile applications, intergrated plug-and-play IoT sensors and a 100% built int the cloud, our product offers its users the freedom and comfort of monitoring the status and operation of their equipment from anywhere, facilitating collaborative work, the allocation of tasks, the automatic recording of activities initiated and completed, the duration of these activities, as well as the absolute visibility of pending maintenance tasks.